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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  February 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he had no choice but to open fire last year on patricia cook, who drove her vehicle away while being questioned. the wife of the excop said the charges brought against her husband has financially ruined the family. james fisher asked jurors for a stiff sentence, saying harmon- wright slaughtered the woman who drove away. jurors could have given the now fired policeman 25 years. but instead, gave him 12 months on each of three charges. >> well, i think the incarceration sends a message that this was a wrongful behavior. it was an abandonment of the role of police officer entirely and i think it was important for the jury to send that message and i think they did. >> defense attorney asked for leniency, calling the woman's behavior bizarre and suggested she was attempting suicide by police officer. >> i was hoping for an acquittal. i don't think he was guilty of
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a crime. however, the jury made the decision they did and i think that their verdict is consistent with what they decided. >> at least one local resident expressed shock at the three year sentence given by the jury. >> it's just sad, i mean, this lady lost her life to excessive force by this man and they slapped him on the wrist and sent him away. 12 months, 12 months, and 12 months for killing somebody, nah. just not right. >> reporter: now in virginia, in a jury trial, it is the jury that fixes the sentence. at a later hearing, a judge reviews the sentence, but the judge cannot increase the sentence. he can leave it as is or decrease the sentence. therefore, daniel harmon-wright at most will serve only 36 months in jail. shawn. john, thank you. anne arundel county executive resigned from office today. the announcement comes day
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after the two-term republican was found guiltof two counts of misconduct in office. he will be sentenced in march. john hamon, the administrative officer has been named acting executive. >> after two children were killed in a house fire in frederick county. firefighters and 40 rescue units responded to the scene here in meyersville last night. the crews arrived, the home was fully engulfed in flames with two children trapped inside. fox 5's bob barner has more as investigate torse try to figure out the cause. >> from the way a neighbor tells it, the two sisters who died inside their home here on a meyersville hill top late last night didn't stand a chance. despite heroic efforts by their mom and dad to save them. tas heartbreaking sight, still smoldering more than 24 hours after sisters, sophie and madigan were killed in there
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around 11:30 thursday night. >> i feel so bad. i was up all night worrying about them. >> debra ryan left a stuffed animal in front of the house, seven month old daughter got out alive, but hospitalized. a neighbor says chrissie heard the popping sounds. >> all she kept saying was, where is my baby? two girls were still in there. jack, the husband was up on the roof trying to get in the house to get the babies. it was so hot in there. >> just across the street. the mom jumped out of the house, the oldest daughter was lowered from the window to a neighbor.
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>> the fire company hasn't came yet. i want my babies. i wanmy babies. can't do anything. the fire was so, the house was just involved so much. >> mrs. willard says the children loved to play outside. the oldest two were home schooled, the mom dedicated to raising her four daughters. >> she just kept saying, what happened? what happened? i don't understand it. she has no idea. >> frederick county fire officials say investigators, though no longer here at the shave work to do to try to figure out how this deadly fire started. in meyersville, maryland, fox 5 news. now to another fire. this one in virginia. investigators in fairfax county are trying to find out what caused a house fire in springfield. these images coming from sky fox. the scene here on morning view
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court this afternoon. one person is in the hospital. >> that snow that fell overnight created a mess on the roads this morning. two separate accidents on the northbound side of the gw parkway brought traffic to a standstill right near route 123. even though we got a dusting, roads are slick out there in some areas tonight and it is not getting any warmer. gary is in the weather center with a look at the frigid forecast. gary. >> real cold out there right now. let me show you real quickly. the amounts we ended up with, very consistent with the forecast. bowie close to an inch. frederick, a little over an inch. a couple spots were over an inch. reagan national still one of the outliers here with a little bit more than a trace of snow. reston a half an inch. hay market a half an inch. let me give you an idea of these temperatures. we are down to 28 degrees. 23 for gaithersburg. hagerstown 21. with setting sun, anything that could potentially become slick will quickly become slick.
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here is the windchill out there. single digit windchill. the wind will calm down, but take a few more hours before it will. and it looks like it's going to be a pretty cold weekend out there. we're going to start february. we are starting february on the cold side. shawn, more details coming up. >> gary, we'll see you in a few. a terror strike at an american embassy left one person dead and u.s. diplomatic staffers on high alert. it happened in the capital of turkey. officials are trying to figure out if this is an isolated attack or the beginning of a pattern. tom fitzgerald is following this one for us. so tom, any indication who is behind this one? >> officially right now, no group claimed responsibility for this attack. officially, pinning the blame on turkish government and the united states, but it comes on the heels of recent.
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it happened at 1:15 in the afternoon in the city of oswald. a suicide bomber dead enated explosive devices. both the bomber and the guard at the embassy was killed in the explosive. here in washington, appearing with andrea, vice president joe biden condemned the attack. >> i also really with the expression of sympathy -- i don't have detail, but was characterized as a terrorist attack on our embassy. >> while no group has said it was behind the attack, turkey's interior minister blames a group opposed to turkey's government and sharp contrast to last year's ben ghazi attack. this act is an act of terror. >> a suicide bombing is by definition an act of terror.
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it's a terrorist attack. however, we do not know at this point who is responsible for the motivation behind the attack. the attack itself is clearly an act of terror. >> the bombing comes one week after former secretary of state, hillary clinton, faced intense questioning over the obama administration's handling of security before its statements after september's attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. >> because of a protest or guys out for a walk and they decide to kill some americans? what difference, at this point, does it make? >> analysts say in the wake of the ben ghazi attacks, there is greater focus on what the u.s. can and can't do in protecting its diplomats. >> if someone wants to take their life to take yours, there's very little that can be done. >> lew coffee is a security expert at the heritage foundation. he says keeping the bomber from entering the embassy play add key role in reducing the
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casualties. >> he exploded himself outside. >> what remains to be seen is friday's attack was an isolated to send a message to the start of a new wave of violence in u.s. facilities in turkey. >> this is not, however, the first time u.s. diplomatic facilities in turkey have been targeted previously by terrorists back in 2008, the attack blamed an affiliate outside the u.s. consulate. three assay lents and three policemen dead. will. >> certainly a lot of unanswered questions. tom fitzgerald in the newsroom. thank you. new york mayor has died. he passed away this morning at a new york hospital. koch was larger than life and the first celebrity mayor. he is credited with saving the financial disaster during his three terms from 1978 to 1989. he made a huge difference for the city. >> when we were down, ed koch picked us up. when we were worried, he gave
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us confidence. when someone needed a good kick in the rear, he gave it to them. and if you remember, he enjoyed it. >> ed koch died of congestive heart failure, he was 88. >> very sad. he used to make me laugh. remember him on people's court? >> yes, yes. he had a great personality. she is part of wealthy elite circles in new york city and she is known nationally for her gossipy newspaper column. but what cindy adams is writing about our nation's capital has a lot of you talking and wondering what's here beef with d.c.? you see that? what's she saying how some d.c. leaders are responding. also ahead. he's a hollywood heartthrob in washington today to talk about a very important issue. something that affects you, your family, or somebody you know. and local dentists team up to put smiles on the faces of deserving patients. we'll be right back. 
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it's an issue that falls right behind heart disease and traumatic illness in terms of how much it costs america every year. a lot of people don't like to talk about mental illness. now, some say we have to start a national dialogue and today with the help of a hollywood leading man, bradley cooper, people in washington started that conversation. fox 5's beth parker was there and gives us a closer look tonight. >> they entered the room, mental health professionals, and one hollywood heartthrob.
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their message -- >> that mental illness is a normal part of life. >> 11 million americans live with mental illness. actor bradley cooper's powerful portrayal, a person with bipolar disease has given the mentally ill a voice. cooper came today to the center for american progress in washington. he says the movie, silver lining's play book has taken him to empathy to action. >> movies inspired me to do many things in my life and i am very aware of its power. >> you have to be careful. >> i found many connections to this guy. i mean, for me, it was an act. i could understand. if life dealt a different set of cards to me, i can understand being in a situation that pat found himself in, plea bargaining with the courts. >> silver lining's play book is nominated for multiple
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oscars. mental health experts say it is pushing this issue to a new level. what they want is for mental illness to be viewed like any other illness. >> we made enormous progress with heart disease and hiv, aids, and even homicides. bringing those rates down. suicide stayed there for many, many years. we have enormous progress. the key to all of this is early intervention. >> 38,000 americans commit suicide each year. >> the denial of medical treatment is really a civil rights issue. because who among us would trade places with one of our returning veterans? >> we ask as if mental health happens to people out there. the homeless person on the street, the veteran who has ptsd, the character, pat, who has bi polar, we all have mental health. we all function on a continuum.
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people need to talk about it. >> something doesn't feel right. i need some help and it's okay to ask and it's okay to get it. >> in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> perhaps you have seen a lot of people wearing red today, there's a good reason for that. national wear red day in support of the fight against heart disease. the number one killer in women. andrea and spokesperson for go red for women and dr. daisy, the head of the heart institute is here with us tonight. thank you so much for being here, we really appreciate it. how prevalent, we just heard the number one killer in women. i don't think a lot of people think about it like that. >> no, they don't. having a pleasant conversation, every minute one woman dies in the u.s. we think it's breast cancer and heart disease kills more than all cancers combined. >> wow, andrea. let me ask you. not only are you the
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spokesperson, but you also had heart disease. explain your story and what happened? what brought you here? >> i was 35 when i had a heart attack. and it was really an unfortunate time for me because i just wasn't educated. i had never taken the time to learn about the signs of a heart attack or, you know, about women and their risks for heart disease. >> when it was happening, did you know that's what it was? >> i did not. i was pregnant at the time. i mistook the signs for morning sickness. >> let me ask you, there's a lot of women watching right now. what are the signs? who is at risk? >> you know, both men and women do get chest pain, but women in particular have symptoms other than chest pain. they have shortness of breath, heartburn. like she did. and dizziness, fatigue. so oftentimes women delay seeking help because they think it's something else. and the message here is that
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heart disease is preventable. and so it's a message for all women today, get to know your cardiac risk factors so you can try to prevent heart disease. >> lastly, do you have a final word or advice you'd like to share with the ladies watching today? >> yes. heart disease does not care what size you wear. it doesn't care how old you are. take the time to be educated. educate yourself like the doctor said about your risks of a heart attack, heart disease, and learn and know what the signs of a heart attack are. heartburn, you know, the tightening of your jaw. >> very important. thank you both so much for coming in. andrea, spokesperson for go red for women and the head of the med star health institute. thank you both. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> one more thing. let's talk about this. a special visit today for patients at the national rehab hospital in the district. the lady terps stopped by to do
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some physical therapy with the kids and grownups. they worked with patients who have spinal cord and other motor injuries who need specialized rehabilitation. med star national hospital treats patients as young as six years old. >> children in the district and all over the country got a dental checkup on national give kids a smile day. more than 150 students at bruce monroe elementary school were part of today's event. it provided through a collaboration between dental organizations and howard university's department of dental hygiene. the idea pretty simple here. give kids access to treatment they might not otherwise have. >> i will go with one day. we cannot solve all problems in one day. we are working together in a partnership to turn the page on oral health despairties. if it were not for this collaboration, many children
5:20 pm
would have needs. >> national give kids a smile day happens every year on the first friday in february. great program. >> just a short time ago, gary told us it was really cold outside right now. >> can i tell you my story? i went through the car wash. it was so cold, the water was freezing on the windchill as i was going through that car wash. a good sign it's cold. >> we all know that. i mean, if you've been out. if you stepped out today, once that wind hits you, wow, right in the face. a lot of folks not out of the 20s today and it never felt that warm. i'm telling you, with the wind blowing, it's still blowing. gusts are 28 miles per hour here in town. some over 30 out to the west of us. frederick around 30. fredericksburg, at least on the hour, your gust went down from 18 to 17. how about that for real time weather information. 28 degrees the temperature now. with the wind, it feels colder. we are down in the teens. single digits for some places. wrap up this evening because it is going to stay gusty for the
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next 3 to 4 hours out there. temperatures in the 20s. feels like temperatures in the teens and single digits. at least until the wind speeds calm down a little bit. that's probably going to be something like 10:00 or 11:00. very cold overnight tonight. snow is in the forecast for the weekend. we'll talk about that, shawn, unfortunately, coming up in just a bit. >> we'll see you then. okay, so if you haven't placed a bet on the super bowl, stick around. a local company has a formula to determine the winner of sunday's big game. join us live in the studio coming up. scott. >> of course, we don't want money on those bets. it's a family affair. two days from kickoff. a joint press conference for john and jim harbaugh as they get set to square off in the super bowl and what they had to say next. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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we're about 48 hour frs
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kickoff for the super bowl xlvii in new orleans. for brothers john and jim who will be coaching against each other. today they showed brotherly love at a news conference. scot smith joins us now with the details. it was sort of fun to watch them together. >> they look alike. jim is the taller one, more pronounced jaw. you talk about it, normal sibling rivalries are bad, but having the lombardi trophy up for grabs. obviously, the coaching is strong in the harbaugh family. a long-time coach, but while coaching comes from dad, both sons credit mom for the fire. she would compete like a maniac. a unique situation at the new orleans convention center. the brothers here, john on the left, jim on the right. a trophy their teams will get to play for in two days. today was a good old family get together. >> hi, how are you guys doing?
5:26 pm
welcome and thanks for coming. just want to start by saying what an honor it is for both of us to be here. >> the way our players have played, to me, that's why we're here. not because of any coaching decisions or any way that we were when we were kids, but you know, really a credit to those men and looking forward to the game. >> i have given no consideration to the post game handshake or bear hug or anything else. not thought about that for one second, jerry, have you, jim? >> i have not. >> of course, referencing jim schwartz slap on a back. i'm sure the camera will be on them the whole game just in case they root for one over the other. >> does one parent sit on one side and one parent sit on the other side? >> they had practice with
5:27 pm
this, because they squared off last year on thanksgiving. his wife looked like she was comatose. no emotions. >> thanks, scott. well, coming up, harsh word frs a newspaper columnist in new york. why d.c. is a big dump. and the washington post considers moving out of the building that housed the iconic paper for more than six decades. and a group formed is taking its complaint to the nra's doorstep. we'll be right back with the latest. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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a new york city gossip columnist is telling your readers exactly what she thinks of the district of columbia. cindy adams tells the city a putrid, vile sewer. she drove here recently and said the district needs help. paul wagner has the story. >> cindy, cindy, cindy. what is that you say?
5:31 pm
our fine city is a dump? the nation's crapital? gossip columnist, cindy adams, didn't take a swipe at our lovely city, she launched a full out offensive. >> she said it is rank, smelly, putrid, vile, and a sewer. what do you make of that? >> she is not talking about any neighborhood that i know. >> adam writes in her column she drove down here and found d.c. stands for the district. >> is that the washington that you know? >> oh my god, that's awful. what's her beef with washington? no, that's not the washington that it's ever been. it's a wonderful city. >> so we should fire something back at her, don't you think? >> yeah. >> what would you say to her? >> i would tell her that if she felt like our community or the district was that bad, then she needs to come help us clean
5:32 pm
it up. >> when we showed the column to a couple from new orleans, they couldn't disagree more. visually, what do you think of it? >> i think it's historically beautiful. we have been doing a lot of the tourist stuff. we haven't been throughout the whole city, but as a whole, you know, what we've seen has been beautiful and well kept. >> everything we've seen is tiptop. >> the 82-year-old columnist writes she saw graffiti, rotted junk, drug paraphernalia, filthy rags and dog poop. she gives no location and calls 495 the belt. does the district have a delap dated building or two? of course, but cindy adams calling the entire district a dump? forget about it. >> it's clear to me that she is crashing the suburbs more than the city itself. i would say she is not too familiar with this city and spent more time than driving
5:33 pm
by. >> you want to let her down for lunch or something? >> well, maybe not. her paper, as you know, does buy ink by the barrel. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> all right, so we ask our facebook fans what they thought about the article. ken dray wrote, someone from new york has nerve. yeah, it may be bleak, but you're the last one to talk. >> sadly, once you get away from the tourist areas, it's filth cry and run down. we invite you to join the conversation on our facebook page. >> the washington post may sell its downtown headquarters building. the publisher announces the possibility. but they are saying the company hasn't yet decided where or whether when it might move. in more than ten years. the post hopes to find a more modern, bright, open, and efficient building. local activists pushing for new and stiffer gun laws.
5:34 pm
took their feelings about gun violence directly to the front door of the national rifle association today. the group called reston, herndon, committee against gun violence gathered in front of the nra headquarters in fairfax. they carried signs with information about gun violence. simon is part of committee and was out there. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> joanna, what motivated you to join the fight for new gun control measures? >> i was very upset when newtown, connecticut happened. i have grandchildren the same age as the children that were shot and i just felt that it was time to stand up and do something. >> your goal is to limit gun violence by regulating weapons, but your group supports the second amendment, the right to bare arms. what are you proposing here? >> we simply are against the large magazines and we want to have a successful gun
5:35 pm
registration and we want -- we have nothing against responsible gun ownership and we want to get rid of the large magazines. >> the nra says, and i'll play devil's advocate, it not only supports the second amendment, but plotting to protect it against groups like yours trying to chip away at it. >> we are not against the second amendment. we are against anyone having a magazine that is 100 on it. i cannot see that. >> you know, i understand what you're saying. i don't use guns that use magazines like that either. but when i interview people who do, as a sport on their property, and they want the ability to legally do that, they are in complete opposite sides with you. saying you are infringing on their second amendment rights. >> what's interesting about
5:36 pm
that is between 80 and 90 percent of the nra membership, the sports people support the president's initiative and what we're talking about and it is mostly the high level executives of the nra. the lobbyists who are supported by the gun manufactures who are taking such a hard line. >> so final question here, where do you think you'll have the most success with new gun control measures? state level or perhaps federal? >> i live in virginia, so i am thinking federal. we are hopeful. we are very hopeful about getting some of the president's legislation passed. >> well, joanna simon. like a lot of folks, you feel moved to do something, especially after the tragedy in connecticut. so again, it's the reston, herndon committee against gun violence. thanks for talking about your fight. >> thank you very much. coming up tonight, the latest on that hostage standoff in alabama. also ahead, three boys plunge into icy waters after their canoe capsizes. wait until you find out who
5:37 pm
came to their rescue. >> that morning, i clearly remember looking at the sky in disbelief. and a day of remembrance on the 10th anniversary of the space shuttle columbia disaster. the 5 is coming right back.
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following the latest in a developing story in alabama where a child hostage standoff continues. the man holding a five-year-old boy in an underground bunker here in midland city is showing no signs that he's willing to turn himself loose or the boy. negotiators speaking through a 4-inch wide ventilation pipe. police say he took the boy from the school bus tuesday after killing the driver. authorities in texas say there is no sign of prosecutor who was murdered outside his
5:41 pm
office feared for his life. assistant district attorney was gunman outside the kauffman county courthouse yesterday. about 30 miles outside of dallas. no weapon was found. there's also no clear description of the suspect. >> an unlikely trio rescued three brothers after they fell into a state creek. three inmates were finishing their work when they heard children screaming. three brothers lost control of their canoe and trapped them in the icy water. one inmate doesn't consider himself a hero, he just did what any good person would do in that situation. >> trying to say we are heros, i don't think we are heros. we did something that any good person would do. you see three helpless kids in a river, you help them. >> all of the boys and two of the inmates were taken to a hospital with mild hyperthermia. the members of the work crew are serving sentences for nonviolent crimes. coming up here on the 5, a former nascar driver in trouble
5:42 pm
with the law. you can probably guess what happened when police tried to pull him over. all right, a waitress loses her job after complaining. wait until you see what a preacher scribbled. >> that, gary can promise you. [ dad ] find it? ya. alright, another one just like that. right in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. just like that one... [ male announcer ] the durability of the volkswagen passat. pass down something he will be grateful for.
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the president is hoping for a close game in this year's super bowl. president obama expects the matchup between the ravens and san francisco 49ers to be entertaining. he isn't sure who will watch the game with the president. in previous years, the officials and celebrities joined the first family at the white house and there's no word who the president is predicting to win the big game.
5:46 pm
the biggest odd makers are predicting that the san francisco 49ers will beat the ravens by 3 1/2 points and they aren't the only ones. a local company developed progressive decision making software that allows organizations to make complex decisions and try their hand out at predicting the super bowl. the vp and analyst from decision lens are joining us this afternoon. gentleman, thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. >> matt, let me first ask you, this is not something you guys typically do. >> no. absolutely not. we really help organizations, as you said, sort of gain insights. anywhere from state and local governments where they have complex decisions and looking at many data points and you know, trying to combine expertise into those decisions. g gavin, we have two nfl teams. both have great players, great
5:47 pm
coaches. tell me how you came up with this? >> i thought about what are the factors that go into super bowl predictions? obviously you have lots of analysis being done by all kinds of people in the field. you have predictions from experts, espn, vegas, everybody. >> so you included those? >> i did include some expert predictions. and we know the ravens want to send ray lewis off well. we know things about the coaches and one of the strengths of decision lens is the ability to bring all those factors together and compare them to each other and get a sense of the big picture. >> since we are here and close to baltimore, of course a lot of folks want baltimore to win. i noticed when i was looking through your model, how could baltimore win? they had advantages in two categories. >> yes. baltimore special teams was stronger than san francisco's during the season. san francisco's kicker, david acres, had a great year.
5:48 pm
baltimore has explosive players. and i also gave baltimore an intangible factor. both harbaugh's are excellent coaches, but baltimore, he has been a coach for longer and obviously ray lewis factor. >> absolutely. absolutely. you want to jump in and talk about the conclusion? let gavin do it. >> let's bring it right down to the wire. drum roll. and the conclusion after you factored everything in? >> almost every scenario suggested that the 49ers are going to win the game and i believe the 49ers will win and i believe it will be a close game. i don't think it's going to be a blowout, but i'm confident the 49ers are going to win. >> let me ask you, along with your conclusion of the 49ers winning, there was a most likely scenario of a baltimore victory if game changing special teams, like you already said, jones, and david acres. so for all of us baltimore
5:49 pm
fans, we are keeping our fingers crossed. final score? >> i'm going to say 49ers 24, ravens 17. >> final score? >> i'm going to say 3549ers, 14 ravens. >> i'm going to say 28 for the ravens and 20 for the 49ers. back to you guys. who knows. >> thank you, shawn. i guess you're in the business of prediction in a way. yours is perhaps more scientific and you are confident we'll have a cold weekend. >> it's not going to be as cold as today. today was, i mean, just bitter cold out there today. but it is going to be a cold weekend. first weekend of february for 2013. it's going to feel like february. that's my headline. right here. it's going to be a cold weekend. a cold weekend. there we are. it looks like temperatures will be warmer than today, but it's going to be a fairly chilly. we'll go for a high temperature tomorrow of 34 degrees. 39 on sunday. notice some snow flakes flying around. it does not look like it's going to be a big deal with the
5:50 pm
snow. i think we'll get some. the storm track for the first week of february is going to be down on top of the east coast. we aren't talking about extreme cold. we aren't talking about an arctic dump like we got last week. mainly last week, but we will have occasional clippers or pieces of energy coming down from the north and west. when that happens, we get a chance when we are cold that we'll have light snow from here to there. we'll see it in the forecast all weekend long and again, most of the snow, now listen, the real accumulating snow will be up to the north and west. if you're traveling up toward western pa, that's where they'll get decent snow. here, i think, and this goes right on through the weekend. this will be for saturday and for sunday and into sunday night. we may get an additional coating in places. that may come in two little chances of snow. right now we're not forecasting a big deal at all. just keep that in mind. further north, up i-95, there's a chance that some of those places could get an inch or so.
5:51 pm
winds are still gusty out there this evening and remain gusty for the next few hours. it's gusting to 28 miles per hour here in town. the temperature is 28 degrees. but that doesn't matter because the feels like temperature is down in the teens. single digits north and west. i don't think that changes for the next several hours. we'll stay gusty through 9:00, 10:00. overnight tonight, the winds will calm down. we'll have fair skies. it will be very cold out there, especially out in the suburbs. we had a little snow streamer from time to time coming down from the northwest, but maybe all you saw this afternoon occasionally was a flurry. no additional snowfall will bring us accumulation. at least not tonight. again, we don't see any big storm systems coming our way that would bring potential for additional accumulating snow that would be a big deal. tonight 20 in town, but very cold out in the suburbs. i think once the winds die down, we'll have fair skies. easily have teens out there. winds generally overnight
5:52 pm
tonight. eventually calm down between 5 and 10 miles per hour. so keep in mind at 8:00 tomorrow morning early, 21 here in town. some teens still out in the suburbs. sun and clouds at noon. light snow showers possible by late tomorrow afternoon. it looks like probably most of that will come in after dark. but we could see a snow flake or two late in the afternoon and that will carry into early sunday morning. your seven-day forecast, hey, don't forget. tomorrow is ground hog day. so we'll have to see what's going to happen with popliteal punxutawny. my guess is he sees his shadow and goes in his hole for two more months. >> what does that mean? >> it means it's going to be cold and snowy for two or three
5:53 pm
more months. summer won't come until july, something like that. >> good-bye, gary. >> all right, we'll have you talking. a waitress out of a job after pictures an unkind note. the waitress, chelsea, worked at a st. louis applebees until wednesday when she was fired. she crossed out the gratuity and wrote, i give god 10%, why should i give you 18? well, welch took a photo of it and uploaded it to the social site. when the pastor found out, she complained to applebee's, but she's not necessarily proud. >> it was dumb of me and i can say that because i take responsibility for all of my actions. >> applebee's says welch was fired because the photos showed the pastor's name and signature and personal information from
5:54 pm
customers cannot be shared with the public. >> people are talking about that one. all right, let's check in with brian for a look at what's coming up on the news edge at 6:00. >> it's a story you'll see on fox 5 tonight. three local high school boys, accused of getting teenage girls drunk, then making sex tapes, sometimes while the girls are passed out. and d.c. taxpayers beware, you may not get your full refund if you have outstanding tickets. plus, can a dog be gay? one owner thought he was. so he dropped the pooch at the pound. wait until you hear what happened once the story hit the web. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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today, a sad anniversary. ten years ago today, the space shuttle columbia desen
5:58 pm
desingraded. all seven crew members were killed. at a memorial, the widow of crew commander spoke about that day. >> february 1, 2003, became a traumatic, shocking day. anticipating a joyful homecoming of our crew, we were jolted in the viewing area into a nightmarish stroll of fear, uncertainty, and horror that led to a crushing announcement that the crew had parished during reentry. >> the disaster was blamed on a piece of foam that fell from the external rocket tank on launch opening a hole in a wing. that caused the shuttle to rip apart upon reentry. a moment on an air alaska flight last night. the the captain passed out. medical personnel boarded the plane. the plane had to be towed to the gate rather than taxied because the captain usually performs that function. >> an exnascar driver led
5:59 pm
police on a chase across two states. police tried to stop timothy walker wednesday in nevada. the former race car driver took off. he is accused of having marijuana, pillopen alcohol containers in his vehicle. he competed in nascar races before being suspended in 2007. thanks for joining us at 5:00. >> the six coming your way now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. >> right off the top, a story you'll only see on fox 5. disturbing allegations against three high school boys. accused of making sex tapes, sometimes after the girls had passed out. fox 5's maurine is live in fairfax with the exclusive story. maurine. >> reporter: as you said, the three students are teenage boys. two are 16 years old, one is 15 years old. the alleged victims are six


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